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Tim Hortons 2008 Gift Card Collectors Notes

2008 Tim Cards/Envelope Covers
As of December 2, 2008 Tim Horton's  had  3,437 system wide restaurants, including 2.317 in Cnada and 520 in the United States
Tim Hortons expands the Tim Card program to U.S. locations in early 2008 -VL 4414U  2007 USA Gift Card Released With matching Envelopes
First Roll Up Rim Tim Card Released!
2 different Roll Up Prize Cards have been found in 2008  
The second fits into the 2009 Sequential numbers and is the only Card From the beginning of 2007 to the end of 2009 to NOT HAVE a dash between the VL and numbers!!!
Gift Certificates Still Available and Redeemable in Stores

2008 Series
VL- Allocation Notes
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons
VL--5950 VL--5951 VL--5952 VL--5953

Yellow Denotes Previous Years Cards Fit Into Current Years Cards
2008 Tim Card Notes
All Cards in 2008 are Series 6049
All Regular Cards and Envelope Covers in 2008 all Have a dash between VL and numbers  and Have NO Bar Code
(the one exception is the second Roll Up Card Dated 2008 For The 2009 Contest)
Roll Up Notes
This was the Very First Special Edtion Roll Up the Rim To Win Contest Prize Card
Contest Ran February 25th 2008.  20,000 $50 Special Editon Tim Cards were available to be won in Both Canada and the USA
Released in Canadian English, French and USA versions
VL- ?????
2008 Special Edition CDN EN Rrroll Up the Rim Prize Card -Dated 2007 
Exists But FD -Series Code - Pin Box Type Not Known -Can Be Seen On display at Store #1
2008 Special Edition Roll Up the Rim To Win Special Editon Prize Card Can Be Seen On display at Store #1

Unfortunately we have only ever seen this Prize Card on Display in Tim Hortons Stores and have not been able to verify the VL Number on this card.   It should be dated 2007 (Tim Hortons usually creates them 3-4 months ahead of time)  It bears the year 2008 on the front upper left of the card and should have a VL Number beginning with a "4" and Series Number that fits between the 2007 last VL card Numbers and the 2008 first Few VL Numbers. 
VL- ?????
2008 Special Edition CDN FR  Rrroll Up the Rim Prize Carte Tim- Exists But Not Not Found Would Be Dated 2007
VL- ?????
2009 Special Edition USA Rrroll Up the Rim Prize Card - Exists But Not Found -Would Be Dated 2007
No Release
2008 KANDAHAR Rrroll Up the Rim To Win Prize Card! 
The Tim Hortons Kandahar Operation Ran From 2006 To the End of November 2011
No roll Up Prize Cards Were Released In Kandahar -Only Cash was Awarded to the Troops
5 x $1000 Cash Prizes Were Awarded in 2008

The Well Sought After Prize In Kandahar Was the Camo Cap!
During the Kandahar Roll Up the Rim Contest Special Camo Cups and Matching Camo Caps were issued to the Troops
 CDN Coffee Card Notes

Series 6049 2008 Canada Coffee Beans Tim Cards
These cards are referred to as the Coffee Beans Cards To Collectors
Released in Canadian English, French Versions. No USA Version has been found to date
Canadian English VL-5950C                          French Canadian VL-5951C

2008 Coffee Beans Tim Card Colour Variations
Colour Variations have been noted on this card from a warm golden brown to a Light Beige Brown

A New Feature Added to Tim Cards
A Tim Hortons Logo Was Added to the Back Top Left of the 2008 Tim Cards

3 Different Pin Box Types  Exist for the CDN English 2008 Coffee Beans Tim Card  
1) Thin Rippled Pin Box    2) Thick  Rippled Pin Box   3) Wavy Pin Box


6049 Series Release 1 Can EN Coffee Beans Dark Tone Type 3 Wavy  Pin Box Series Run 6049 725

6049 Series Release 2 Can EN Coffee Beans Dark Tone Type 1 Thin Rippled  Pin Box Series Run 6049 733

6049 Series Release 3 Can EN Coffee Beans  Light Tone Type 3 Wavy  Pin Box Series Run 6049 736

6049 Series Release 4 Can EN Coffee Beans  Dark Tone Type 2 Rippled  Pin Box Series Run 6049 749 

6049 Series Release 5 Can EN Coffee Beans  Dark Tone Type 2 Rippled Pin Box Series Run 6049 750

6049 Series Release 6  Can EN Coffee Beans Light Tone Type 3 Wavy Pin Box Series Run 6049 757

6049 Series Release 6 Can EN Coffee Beans  Light Tone Type 2 Rippled  Pin Box Series Run 6049 7623

6049 Series Kandahar Airfield Can EN Coffee Beans  Light Tone Type 2 Rippled  Pin Box Series Run 6049 7624


6049 Series Release 7 Can EN Coffee Beans   Light Tone Type 3 Wavy  Pin Box Series Run 6049 768
CDN French  Coffee Beans Notes
2 Different Pin Box Types  Have Been Found For the CDN French 2008 Coffee Beans Tim Card
1) Thin Rippled Pin Box   2) Wavy Pin Box


6049 Series Release 1 Can FR Coffee Beans Dark Tone Type 2 Wavy Pin Box Series Run 6049 719

6049 Series Release 1 Can FR Coffee Beans  Dark Tone Type 2 Wavy Pin Box Series Run 6049 720


6049 Series Release 2 Can FR Coffee Beans  Light Tone Type 1 Rippled Pin Box Series Run 6049 721

No Release

The USA Tim Card Program was NOT actually launched in the USA Until Early 2008 using the Original USA Brown Cup Card
No USA Coffee Beans Card Has Been Found to Date - Not Found  

2008 Coffee Beans "True" Sets
2 of the 3 2008 Coffee Beans Tim Cards have a matching pin box in the 6049 Series
These are considered a "True" Set Where the pin boxes all match within series and FD numbers within the Canadian English and French Cards

True Set 1
6049 Series Matching English French Thin Rippled Pin Box Set

It is speculated that the USA 2007 Long Skinny Pin Box iks actually part of the 2008 CDN English and French Coffee Beans Set as the Pin Boxes all match each other

Take a Closer Look!

True Set 2
6049 Series Matching English French Wavy Pin Box Set is considered the Actual 2nd Release in 2008 of the CDN Cards

CDN Hockey Player Notes

The Tim Hortons Timbits Minor Hockey Program is Part of the Companies Community Initiative sponsorship program
that provides opportunities for kids aged four to nine to play house league hockey. The philosophy of the program is not 
based on winning or losing, but on learning a new sport, making friends and having fun

Series 6049 Timbits Little Hockey Player Tim Cards
Released in Canadian English and French Versions the Tim Card Logo is on the Bottom right
No USA Vernon Has Been Found by Collectors to Date
Canadian English VL-5952C                        French VL-5953

There was Speculation the English Blue Card represented the Toronto Maple Leafs and the French Card had the Montreal Canadiens Colours.  This was Never Verified by Tim hortons (Publicly)

Timbits Little Hockey Player Colour Variations
2 colour variations have been found for this card.  One clear with Bright Colours the other with softer faded colours

2008 Canadian English Little Blue Jersey Hockey Player Tim Card
2 Different Pin Box Types Exist for the CDN English Little blue hockey player tim cards
1) Thin Rippled Pin Box   2) Wavy Pin Box


6049 Series Kandahar Airfield  Release 1 CDN EN Timbits Little Blue Hockey Player / Zamboni -Dark Tone Wavy Box Series Run 6049 777

6049 Series  Release 1 CDN EN Timbits Little Blue Hockey Player / Zamboni -Dark Tone Wavy Box Series Run 6049 778

6049 Series  Release 2 CDN EN Timbits Little Blue Hockey Player / Zamboni -Light Tone Thin Rippled Box Series Run 6049 78
No Release
USA Blue Hockey Player -Not Found
 CDN French White Hockey Player Notes
Only 1 Pin Type has been found  for  the CDN French  2008 LIttle White  Hockey Player Carte Tim Card   
1) Wavy Pin Box  

6049 Series CDN FR Timbits White Hockey Player / Zamboni Carte Tim - Light Tone Wavy Pin Box  Series Run 6049 789

6049 Series CDN FR Timbits White Hockey Player / Zamboni Carte Tim --Dark Tone  Wavy Pin Box   Series Run 6049 790

No Release

USA White Hockey Player - Not Found

A True Set
There is a True Matching Set in the 2008 English and French Little Hockey Player Tim Cards that have a matching Wavy pin box in the 6059 Series
Envelope Notes
Two different Envelope Covers Have Been found For 2008 Tim Cards

2008  CDN EN Brown/beige Ribbon Gift Card Cover

Created by Simon Tucket as a gfit wrap for the outside of the Christmas 2008 Envelope
2008  CDN FR Brown/beige Ribbon Gift Card Cover - Not Found Should Exist
2008 USA Brown/beige Ribbon Gift Card Cover CDN - Not Found May Be Same as CDN EN
Roll Up Notes
2009 Roll Up the Rim To Win Prize Card!
Something unique and interesting about the Roll Up the Rim Cards is that they are always dated the year before the Actual Contest as they are made about 3 to 4 months ahead of time

Dated 2008 For the 2009 Contest The Contest Ran February 23 2009
Released in Canadian English, French and USA Versions
If you look very closely, you will see that "2009" has been wallpapered repeatedly behind the Roll Up the Rim to Win Logo
More Information on this card can be found on the 2009 Tim Card Blog
VL 8479E
6052 Series  2009 CDN EN Roll Up Prize Cards -Dated 2008 For 2009 Contest -Carry Forward to 2009 Cards
VL 847?
6052 Series 2009 CDN FR Roll Up Prize Carte Tim  -Dated 2009 Exists But Not Found  -Carry Forward to 2009 Cards
VL 8479U
6052 Series 2009 USA Roll Up Prize Cards   -Dated 2008 For 2009 Contest -Carry Forward to 2009 Cards
2008 CDN EN Blue Snowman Gift Card Envelope /Christmas Card CDN English - Warmest Wishes For the Holidays
2008 CDN FR Blue Snowman! Gift Card Envelope/Christmas Card -Profitez de votre Carte Tim

2008 USA Blue Snowman Gift Card Envelope/Christmas Card  - Warmest Wishes For the Holidays - CDN EN Version  Has both a CDN and USA Patent Number 
on it

The Back View Shows the date of 2008 on the bottom right and the Canadian and USA Patent Numbers on the bottom left

2008 Christmas Cup and Coffee Cannister!

2008 Coffee Mug Gift Set!

2008 Syd Crosby Calendar!
It is important to note the 2008 Tim Hortons - Syd Crosby Wall Poster Calendar as matching Syd Crosby Tim Cards were Released in 2009!

Tim Hortons 2009 Collectors Notes!

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